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Newsletter autumn 2022

Please distribute as much as possible to your fellow teachers!


Earz has undergone another set of fine enhancements and improvements. This newsletter lists the most important ones.


Added to the theory module:
• Harmonic functions like tonic etc.
• Signs: breathing, phrasal bow
• Words: prima volta, secunda volta
• Chords; which chord do you see here: now also with chord symbols.


Teacher page management:

Administrators of a school/organisation now have the option to grant per-teacher access rights on the teacher page:

Click here for more info.


New on the teachers' page:

• Now individual levels from other games can be copied to a game. 
• Complete folders (with games) can now be placed in the Earz Library.
• Within a game, the same module can now be used more than once within a level.


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