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Newsletter December 2022

Please distribute as much as possible to fellow teachers!


Make this month extra festive for your students: let them take the new Earz Christmas Quiz.  22 fun and educational questions about Christmas music that will keep them busy for a while!
You can find the Quiz Christmas 2022 in the app in the Quiz folder.


Version 5.3.4
An update with minor improvements and enhancements. Added to Styles: (jazz) fusion, (world music) tango, (pop) dubstep.


50,000 Earz games

This month we will welcome the 50,000th Earz game! Of course, not all games are in use anymore and there are test games etc. But still, it shows how active teachers (and recently also students) are in making games. Super fun!


The Earz team wishes you happy holidays and a good and musical 2023 already!